Regular physical activity provides a vast number of physical and emotional health benefits, but it also helps extend your life. It does this by keeping the physical body in better condition, so immunity will be stronger. Regular exercise also boosts longevity by protecting the mind against the degenerative decline that occurs in later years.

Work Out Your Fast-Twitch Muscles

The fast-twitch muscles are used in exercises that require short, rapid bursts of energy, such as the energy required in sprinting, jumping rope, or lifting weights. Research has found that people who specifically exercise these muscles live longer, healthier lives, which is why high-intensity interval training is recommended by most doctors. This is the practice of following a burst of high-intensity exercise with a short period of low-intensity exercise. For example, you can sprint a short distance, slow to a walk for the same distance, and follow with another sprint. While you should consult your doctor before starting a new exercise regiment, working at your own pace consistently will help you build up your fast-twitch muscles over time.

Variety is Important for Boosting Longevity

You should have days where you’re exercising at a moderate pace interspersed with your high-intensity interval training, or HIIT days. This will help you develop both slow and fast twitch muscles throughout your body. On your HIIT days, your high-intensity exercises should be done for seven to 10 minutes each time, followed by a 30-second period of low-intensity activity. If you’re looking for new exercises to add as high-intensity activities, consider push-ups, lunges, or squats.

You should try to incorporate several different types of exercise into your weekly routine and spend 150 minutes per week engaged in HIIT exercise. By adding more variety to your exercise routine, you’ll be able to strengthen a broader range of muscle groups throughout your body. Additionally, variety keeps physical activity from feeling like a chore. When you can enjoy the exercises you’re doing, you’ll get a stronger mood boost along with improved physical strength and agility.

Living longer requires improving the quality of your life as soon as possible. In addition to a healthy diet, this also requires getting enough exercise to keep your mind and body strong. You should work at your own pace and dedicate yourself to keeping to your workout schedule to enjoy the short-term and long-term benefits that physical activity provides.