Women have died of heart-related illnesses in the US and around the world for the last decade. According to data, the main reason for the deaths is the biological differences of women, which includes smaller arteries when compared to men. For this reason, ladies need to do their best to prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases. Fortunately, the diseases can be avoided by adopting a healthy lifestyle that comprises exercises that strengthen the heart. Embracing exercise and developing a heart-healthy workout routine will go a long way in ensuring they enjoy their life as they age.

Simple steps to making a healthy heart workout routine

A healthy heart is an asset to women of all ages and should be encouraged by incorporating certain exercises in their workout plans. Although the workout options are many, some are considered the best because of their ability to strengthen the heart. Here are some of the best exercises to include when crafting a heart-healthy workout plan and their associated benefits.


Aerobic exercises improve blood circulation and are known to help lower the heart plus blood pressure rates. Fitness levels of the body also increase in women that participate in aerobics for at least half an hour for a minimum of five days weekly. The aerobic exercises should be interchanged to avoid boredom and delay in reaching the performance plateau. Some of the best exercises for aerobics are jumping rope, swimming, and running, among others.

Strength training 

Beyond getting your heart rate up, it’s important to include resistance training in your daily workouts. Strength training helps build lean muscle mass, reduce fat, and improves body composition. In addition, incorporating this type of workout at least twice a week, results in a stronger body and heart. Some of these exercises include chin-ups, squats, and push-ups that can be done without any equipment.

Stretching exercises 

Workout plans for a healthy part should include stretches before and after the routine. The exercises make the body flexible, helps maintain balance, and improve musculoskeletal health, reducing the chances of developing muscular issues. Stretching also makes it easier to do various workouts during aerobics and strength training regularly. Basic stretches include Yoga, hamstring stretches, and splits, among others.