Assuming a good night’s sleep has been had, there are several activities people can do in the morning to help give them more energy. One of the first things to do after waking up is to relax and take several deep breaths to reduce stress. This can be done sitting on the bed with eyes closed, lying flat on the floor with knees up and bent, or doing an exercise routine that involves slow, deep breathing. Drinking water, coffee, or tea is another energy booster, because hydration helps move oxygen through the body. Most people do not drink enough water during the day, so starting off with hydrating the body would be excellent. Then getting moving is important, whether that be gentle stretches, yoga, light housework, or a walk around the neighborhood. This will help get blood flowing and muscles moving again after being relatively still at night. Exercise also helps endorphin production and mental focus. 

There are exercise routines that can be found with a simple internet search but choosing something and being consistent is what counts! Foods full of protein and high-quality fats are another way to help nourish your body in the morning. Examples of these are eggs, Greek yogurt, bacon, and sausage. Each person varies on how often they need to eat and what types of foods work best for them, so listening to the body is key. Reducing the amount of sugar in the diet will help keep blood sugar stable, because insulin production will not sore to high levels, bringing a low later with feelings of lethargy. 

Making the decision to not look at your phone or social media will help mental attitude and focus in the morning. Much of the media today can be so distracting and can drain your energy. Setting media aside until later will help mental energy and focus for the morning. Finally, different routines work better for different people. Breakfast for one person will look different than breakfast for another. Exercise and movement for a young person may look different than exercise for an older person. Choosing to fuel the body and do what optimizes energy for that individual is a daily practice and so beneficial for energy and health.