Millions of people who loathe the thought of getting old pay keen attention to the latest news about high-tech medical research that is seeking that “magic pill” to halt the aging process in its tracks or even reverse it.

Indeed, many exciting developments are in the offing, such as work with stem cells, bio-molecular manipulation on the DNA scale and new drugs, such as rapamycin, acarbose and 17-a-estradiol.

But forget all of that for right now. The fact is, you have anti-aging remedies that you can pick up immediately and put to use. Each of them has been scientifically proven to slow the aging process.

Please don’t balk or groan when we tell you that exercise is a powerful method to slow the aging process — because it is.

If you are a committed couch potato who never exercises, you are opening the door to let the aging process into your life. A recent study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine shows strong evidence that for every minute of TV watched by an adult over the age of twenty-five, 22 minutes can be subtracted from that person’s life expectancy.

The British study is just one among a gigantic body of evidence proving scientifically that regular simple exercises, such a walking every day, can add 20 years to your life.

The second anti-aging weapon at your disposal right now is adopting a healthy diet dominated by fruits, vegetables, small amounts of lean protein and plenty of water. It will not only add years to your life, but it will also make you look more youthful as the years tally up.

Again, there is a veritable mountain of data that bears this out, including this recent study released by the American Heart Association earlier in 2021.

A third powerful anti-aging weapon is to maintain excellent sleep habits. Running yourself ragged and “working tired” may seem like a savvy career move, but the price you pay in terms of the toll it takes on your body is significant.

The Whitehall II Study recently published by British researchers showed that getting less than five hours of sleep doubles the risk of death from heart disease. It’s the No. 1 killer of Americans, according to the CDC.

Sleep deprivation also dramatically contributes to weight gain, makes you more forgetful and, yes, actually makes you look older.