Many people struggle with being overweight. It has become a public health crisis. It’s ironic that after defeating widespread hunger, we suffer from having too much food in our diet. An apple can be an interesting way to combat overeating.

What is overeating?

Overeating is a very common problem amongst the general population. It’s when people eat too much food with their meals. While digestion goes fine, the excess calories lead to extra weight. This can lead to being overweight and eventually obesity.

Many people eat too fast. This is often true at work when things need to get done. There is a lag between your stomach and your brain. Many people don’t realize they’re full until they’ve eaten too much. Some doctors recommend eating slow, but it’s difficult to break a lifelong habit.

Additionally, to compete on value, restaurant meals have large portions. People imitate their size with the meals they prepare.

In the long run, overeating leads to things like obesity, high cholesterol, and diabetes. These are serious health issues that can affect the quality of living and even life expectancy. Overeating has led to a major public health issue.

Is an apple the solution?

There are established ways to combat overeating. Some nutritionists recommend portion guides. Others suggest healthier cooking. Both of these can work but can be difficult to implement. For an interesting way to curb your hunger, try eating an apple.

An apple contains a lot of dietary fiber. After eating one before a meal, you’ll feel fuller, eat less of your regular food, and be satisfied for more time. There have been studies that have shown that an increase in dietary fiber is linked to a decrease in energy intake. This makes weight loss a lot easier.

An apple has also been found to be more filling than a chocolate bar. That’s fairly significant, as it has a negligible amount of calories. If you get a craving for a mid-afternoon snack, eat an apple.

An apple is also good for the bacteria in your gut that is healthy. This is good for digestion. The fruit also contains natural antioxidants and has plenty of vitamin C. Apples are cheap, are transported easily, don’t need to be refrigerated, and have a decent shelf life.

If you don’t like apples, try drinking a glass of water before you eat. This will lessen your hunger and you’ll eat less food.

Overeating is a major health issue. But something as simple as an apple can help solve the issue.