A healthy diet and exercise do more than add up to a number of a scale. They also give you more energy so you can do the things you love and need to do during the day. Most of us don’t need to be convinced that healthy choices are great, but we need to find ways to work them into our daily lives that don’t feel like a hassle, and still feel worth it.

Start With One Small Change And Build

Many people choose to start with one small change a week, or possibly even one a month. By making small changes gradually, it gets easier to stick to them. While it can be great to subscribe to a whole new lifestyle, gradually building can often make it easier to maintain in the long run.

Experiment With Your Workouts

Were you lifting weights for weeks, but then suddenly couldn’t bring yourself to face the equipment anymore? That doesn’t mean you should give up exercise altogether. If you’re feeling too much resistance to your workout routine, change it up! Make it as appealing for yourself as possible. Maybe it’s time to try yoga or cycling. The goal is to keep exercising, however that looks for you.

Get Regular Checkups With Your Doctor

This one can be easy to overlook when you’re considering your daily routine, but you’ll have better insight into your health and how to make proper goals for your future when you get your regular checkups.

The Right Diet Is What Works Best For You

As much as everyone you know wants to sell you on the diet that worked for them, every one is different. If you need to experiment for a while to find what works for you, go ahead and do that! But don’t give up on healthy eating and living just because you couldn’t make yourself stick to the keto diet. Eat nutrient-packed foods, consider talking to a nutritionist, and make the healthiest choice you can for your body.

Make Healthy Foods Easy With Meal Prep

Spending a couple hours on a weekend evening prepping a week’s worth of meals can make the whole rest of your week easy. You won’t be as tempted to stop at the drive thru when you know all you need to do is go home and pop a healthy choice into the microwave.

Remember that it is normal in the scheme of your life to have momentary slips where you fall out of healthy routines. Don’t beat yourself up! That’s how many people end up making unhealthy choices as their default routine. Instead, accept that happened and get back on your routine for long term health.