We all know the benefits of a great fitness routine. Increase in energy levels, boost in self-confidence, improved mental wellbeing, improved strength and agility, reduced risk of chronic disease… really, I could go on all day. 

But a lot of us have trouble actually finding the right fitness routine (and sticking to it!). If you’re struggling to see results (even after spending hours looking up YouTube videos and a lot of dollars at the gym), then keep reading to see how to turn things around!


Before we start talking about what workout will work for you, we have to talk about what you actually need out of your workout. Getting on the treadmill is generally great for your body, but is it what your body needs? Different exercises will transform your body in different ways and so the first step to finding the perfect fitness routine is setting the right fitness goals.

This is where a health checkup and some professional guidance can be super helpful! You can go to your GP for advice or find a personal trainer in your area. Great trainers always start with a consultation to discuss your goals, create a plan, cover nutrition, and learn about your medical background and take into consideration any other relevant lifestyle factors.


Ever turned up to the gym and thought: “I have no idea what half of these machines do or how to use them.” Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

If you can’t tell your dumbbells from your barbells, or you find yourself going back to the same machines that aren’t doing anything for you, I recommend looking into group exercise classes such as circuit training or Reformer Pilates. Not only are they a ton of fun, but they will teach you great exercises that you can do on your own time and, more importantly, correct form so that you don’t injure yourself!


You have your goals in place, you know what exercises will help you get there, and yet… something is missing.

Besides having the right fitness routine, you also need to be continuously challenging yourself and increasing the intensity of your workouts so that your body isn’t stuck in the same state. 

This is easier said than done. Motivating yourself to push harder when you feel like you’ve already given it your all can be really tough. That’s why having a workout buddy or a personal trainer can be very helpful for that extra kick. 


There will be times where your schedule gets a little more hectic than usual. You reschedule your Wednesday morning gym session to the evening, but then you remember you have that dinner date, and then you reschedule again, and the next thing you know, it’s been 2 weeks since your last workout.

While your life shouldn’t revolve around your fitness routine (unless of course, you want it to!), falling off the bandwagon can seriously diminish those results you worked so hard for. That’s why I’m a fan of fitness classes or personal training rather than solo gym sessions because they can hold you accountable. 


If you’re doing all the above and still not seeing the results you’re after, then it’s time to have a hard look at your diet. Believe it or not, abs are actually made in the kitchen!

However, there is an overload of information (and misinformation) on nutrition out there on the internet. Ever been confused by contradicting “studies” in the local newspaper? It is important to educate yourself and discover what works for you, and consult a health and wellness practitioner to receive professional advice tailored to your needs and preferences.

As boring as it may sound, consistency is key. There only really is one goal, and that’s a lifetime of health and fitness in order to maximise longevity and live a life of the highest quality.