Since the pandemic, most people have resorted to convenient home workouts. However, without enough space at home for gym equipment, the need for resistance band workouts has increased. Resistance band workouts make use of stretching bands that help people exercise the whole body. Below is an overview of some full-body resistance band workout exercises.


Performing a deadlift using a resistance band acts as the best makeshift for a barbell. One needs to stand on the band, with both feet placed shoulder-width apart and aligned to knees. Then hold it at a neutral grip while looking straight ahead for each repetition. Ensure to push back using the hips and bend the knees while keeping both shoulders retracted and arms straight up

Overhead Press

This exercise is perfect for strengthening and building the shoulders. To perform the overhead press, stand on the band with both feet apart. Afterward, tuck the elbows on both sides and hold the band on each side just above the collarbone. After this, extend both arms above the head until they are completely stretched. Pause for a moment before lowering both arms and repeating the move.


Performing squats using a resistance band is a perfect way to burn calories and build major lower body muscles. To execute these squats, stand on the band with both feet apart at a distance wider than the shoulder-width. Afterward, lift it and let it rest at the traps, and while gripping it firmly, tuck both elbows at the sides. Maintaining a firm grip, bend the knees until the hips form an angle of 90% with the ground and repeat the step severally.

Over-Head Squats

When performing a full-body workout, overhead squats assist in building stability and strength. To accomplish this exercise, one should stand on the band, keeping their feet apart, and extend it overhead until the arms are straight. Maintaining an upright torso, push the chest out slightly and bend their knees until hip level.

Chest Press

Chest press helps push the pectoral muscles in the same way heavy dumbbells and a bench do. Performing chest press exercises requires that one lie down on a mat with the back completely flat and bend the knees to bring both feet towards the body. With the band under the back, hold each end with the elbow at a 90% angle.

To complete the exercise, extend both arms upwards until they nearly meet above the chest. Note that both arms must be completely straight, with palms facing south. Once they are above the chest, return to the original position slowly.

Resistance bands are a perfect way to workout both at the gym and in the house. These bands also allow one to perform other exercises such as the hamstring curls, the seated back row, the face pull. They also allow one to perform delicate triceps extension exercises.