There is often debate surrounding the best way to exercise in order to achieve optimal health and your ideal weight. Bearing in mind that nutrition is 80% responsible for results in these areas (and sometimes more) once you find an implement the nutrition strategies outlined in the following pages you can do your preferred forms of exercise ad not worry about what some people think you should or should not be doing. Gyms are full of people who exercise 6 or 7 days per week but don’t lose weight because they don’t have their nutrition right. Anyone can exercise for 45 minutes per day and a lot of people enjoy it. Proper nutrition requires education and an element of discipline!


Some people love yoga, or walking the dog, weight training, running up sandhills, Pilates, or swimming. I am passionate about simply being active and all forms of exercise have benefits. When it comes to our body, mobility, strength, flexibility, and fitness, it really is a case of use it or lose it. You know you have your nutrition working in the way that is best suited for you when you are living life at the weight you want, and from there you can feel free to enjoy whatever forms of physical activity you choose to engage in…after all, and exercise program filled with things you dislike isn’t going to be enjoyable or last very long.