Your body detoxes naturally on its own, so it isn’t necessary to follow detox practices on a regular habit. However, if it has been awhile since you’ve done a cleanse, or if you follow an unhealthy diet, it may be time to give your body a little help in purging toxins from your body. Here are a few ways to do that.

Sleep for 10 to 12 Hours

Believe it or not, sleeping is one of the best ways to detox. This is especially true for people who usually have trouble sleeping a full seven to eight hours. This is essentially a period during which the brain reboots itself, but, if you’re getting insufficient sleep, you’re interrupting this process. To get 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep, stop consuming stimulants at least six hours before your bedtime and ensure your sleeping area will be cool and comfortable. It may also help to engage in relaxation exercises, such as meditation, taking a bath, or reading a good book.

Drink More Water

Research has shown that drinking a full serving of water as soon as you wake up gives your organs a jumpstart for the rest of the day. Additionally, you should be drinking water regularly throughout the day to ensure you stay hydrated. The cells in your body rely on hydration to function properly. In addition to boosting cell function, drinking sufficient levels of water each day will help push toxins out of your organs. Water also dilutes the blood, helping to decrease the blood sugar levels.

Take a Dietary Supplement

Research into vitamins and their effects on the body have caused the field of dietary supplements to explode. We have learned that the body uses certain vitamins at specific times of the day, so taking a vitamin that uses chronobiology to meet these biological requirements is the best strategy for detoxing. Typically, this requires taking one supplement in the morning and also taking a nighttime supplement. This gives your body the nutrients it needs when it needs them to function more efficiently.

There are other methods for detoxing, such as replacing meals with veggie smoothies and drinking more citrus beverages. Even abstaining from alcohol for a couple of weeks can help cleanse your system. You can also mix a few of these practices together to reap the maximum benefits. As long as you follow your doctor’s instructions and detox sparingly, these tips can help you feel healthier.