Scott Capelin

Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness Expert and Successful Entrepreneur


Scott Capelin, based out of Sydney, Australia, is the Founder and CEO of multiple companies, including inLife Coaching, inLife Wellness, Fitness Concierge, and Streamline Body Sculpting. After graduating from university with a degree in business, he spent many years working in the corporate world. By his mid-20s, he realized he couldn’t see himself in such a position for the rest of his life. He had always been an active individual and involved in sports, so when his brother got into the fitness industry, Scott realized his perfect career was right in front of him. 

After finding success as a personal trainer, Scott Capelin opened his first small business. It was the perfect marriage of two passions. He loved helping his clients reach their goals and building relationships with them, but he also immensely enjoyed the more analytical business side of things. Now, two decades later, Scott’s passions for health, fitness, and business have resulted in building and selling ten health clubs and two beauty salons—one of which is a four-time recipient of Salon of the Year at the Australian Beauty Industry Awards.

Throughout his many years as a personal trainer and health and fitness coach, he has realized that while a majority of his clients come to lose weight, their real goal runs much deeper. He is able to get their exercise down and nutrition in check but, what’s more, through health and fitness he is giving them a vehicle to improve their life and self-image. Scott Capelin understands that when you help people feel better about themselves, they’re going to be able to make better decisions regarding every aspect of their life because they’ve been empowered to do so. That’s why the success of Scott’s businesses are due, in part, to the emphasis he puts on relationship building. 

Through getting to know his clients and helping them escape the confinement of their thoughts, he can better figure out what they’ll need to succeed and reach their goals. As a trainer, if one is approaching their clients without getting to know their lifestyle their strategy will be lacking. In the world of health and fitness, people have a million and one options. It’s through the power of relationships that keep a health club running—they help to build a steady stream of revenue and referrals and, therefore, more business and increased retention. 

As an accomplished entrepreneur who genuinely enjoys the challenge of building new businesses, Scott decided to branch out further into business consulting. He wanted to help other young entrepreneurs merge their passions into a thriving business. Scott Capelin thrives on assisting others master and maximize their lives, whether that’s thorough health, fitness, careers, or relationships. With a focus on leadership and building a strong business culture, Scott assists his consulting clients with everything from management to marketing. Scott is a qualified nutritionist, Master Pilates Instructor, NLP Practitioner, personal trainer, Life Coach, and holds a Degree in Commerce”

After many years as a health coach, business mentor, and entrepreneur, he has learned that the main crux in people’s lives is the absence of balance. As such, Scott prioritizes spending quality time with his family, fostering his relationships with them while recouping and relaxing. Married for 12 years, he and his wife are the proud parents of three beautiful daughters, aged 2 to 8. The five of them regularly enjoy long nature walks, trips to the beach, and movie nights, as well as dine-out breakfasts and casual dinners. 

To learn more about Scott Capelin and his 20-year insight into the field of health and fitness, be sure to check out his blog.